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Trinidad Pro not only contains a very high amount of copper but also uses Irgarol as a booster to prevent slime. This combination provides for the most protection possible in a hard anti-fouling paint. Trinidad Pro is great for fiberglass and wood hulls. Its epoxy base dries to a hard smooth finished which can be burnished to minimize drag and stands up to high boat speeds. Gallon.


Aluminum Safe Not Aluminum Safe
Anti-Slime Additive Irgarol
Biocide Cuprous Oxide
Color Black
Copper Free Not Copper Free
Coverage 400 Square Feet/Gallon
Cure Time To Overcoat: 3-12 Hours; To Launch: 8-24 Hours
Capacity 1 Gallon
Type Modified Epoxy

PETTIT PAINT Trinidad Pro Antifouling Bottom Paint with Irgarol, Gallon