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Make the centerpiece of your sailboat’s cockpit stand out.

Replace that old worn and delaminated tiller with a new hand-made laminated wood tiller.  Individual strips of ash and mahogany are hand selected for quality, strength and appearance before being laminated using molds based on popular configurations requested by owners of specific models and one-design sailboats. Tillers come pre-finished with multiple coats of premium marine spar varnish and can be installed and used in the same day.

Note: knowing the butt end dimensions of your existing tiller is critical to ordering the correct tiller.

Because manufacturers often changed tiller and/or rudder specifications mid-production and boat owners repair or replace tillers and rudders over the life of the boat, a new tiller may not simply bolt on. Most of our tillers have butt end measurements of 2"H x 1 1/2"W. Compare the butt dimensions of our tillers with your existing tiller before ordering. If there is a variance, we offer shim kits compatible with our tiller straps to compensate for differences up to 1" to make installation easier.

If you do not see a tiller that is specifically designed for your boat, custom tillers are available. With the measurements from the butt end of your tiller, use the worksheet linked below to create the perfect tiller for your cockpit.

Laminated Replacement Tillers