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A light-duty, easy-to-retrieve fluke anchor for moderate conditions.

This anchor combines the firm penetration of its traditional fluke style with a slip ring that makes it especially easy to retrieve in the event of a snag. Anchor chain should always be used with steel fluke anchors to provide the weight necessary to maintain the proper approach angle for setting. These anchors require a scope of at least 5:1 (rope length to water depth) in order to set properly. 7:1 scope is recommended. It features a durable PVC coating that protects boat finishes, stays cleaner and buffers rattling and vibration while underway. Pair your anchor with a Color Coated Anchor Chain (sold separately) in a coordinating color to match your watercraft.

Retrieve your Slip-Ring Anchor by backing your boat directly over the anchor, which allows the ring to slide to the crown and release the anchor from the opposite direction.

Key Features

  • Light-duty, slip-ring fluke style for small boats and dinghies
  • PVC-coated, hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Set and hold with at least a 5:1 scope
  • Best for small boats or dinghies in moderate conditions


5 lb. Slip Ring Anchor Red

Name Value
Benefits Economical Price
Lightweight Flukes with Good Holding Power
Best Use Sand
Boat Length Less than 18 Feet
Design Slip-Ring Fluke
Material PVC Coated Steel
Not Recommended For Less Effective on Rocky, Grassy or Clay Bottoms
Big Range in Price and Quality
Type Fluke
Warranty Details One Year
Weight 5 Pounds

GREENFIELD PRODUCTS 5 lb. Slip Ring Anchor Red